25 before 25

#25before25 is a bucket list concept created by young travel bloggers. I don't know who actually started this but the idea is catching on in the community. In September of 2016, I decided to give it a go especially because I will be going on a 6-month trip ending right after my 25th birthday. 

  1. Visit Monaco
  2. Backpack Italy
  3. Go wine tasting
  4. Take a local cooking class
  5. Sight see the Vatican
  6. Take a surfing lesson in Sri Lanka
  7. Treat myself to a 5-star hotel
  8. Digital detox for a whole week
  9. Sleep in the desert
  10. “All” 6 continents
  11. Sleep on a beach
  12. Stay in a bungalow off a tropical beach
  13. Take a hot air balloon ride
  14. Show up to a city with no reservations
  15. Say yes to eating strange food for a day
  16. Read a book a month for 6 months
  17. Try an adrenaline fuelled activity
  18. Do a selfless act
  19. Wake up early to see a few sunrises, once a month will do.
  20. Do a multi-day diving excursion
  21. Eat at a Michelin restaurant
  22. Road trip in Tasmania
  23. Hike a mountain for the sunrise
  24. Try sandboarding in Australia
  25. Travel to the beginning of the time zone (furthest East)


I am a freelance web designer who documents her travels with photos and words via Black Journal. Additionally, I work with small companies that want to re-brand their online businesses to create products that change lives of their customers all in the hopes of gaining more customers and retaining their current ones longer.