Indian food among the lights

Indian food among the lights

Royal Bangladesh is one of three Indian restaurants in a single building in Easy Village in NYC. I first learned about it when I moved to NYC over a year and a half ago. Like always, I've been putting it off to go there till I finally moved out of the city. Naturally, I didn't end up going there till I moved out of the city.

Originally, I was hoping to go into Panna II Garden which is on the right side of the 2nd floor. I looked into the restaurant shortly before going there because it was featured in an episode of Netflix's Daredevil. Matt was on a date and his date was admiring all the lights so it was funny because he's blind... I digress.

This whole time I though it was a single restaurant, actually. It wasn't until my friends and I went up to the place three different guys tried to swoon us to go into their restaurant. But the guy from Royal Bangladesh convinced us with free desert so we went. He took us out to his back yard patio which I was a little disappointed because it did not have as many lights as the insides by a long shot. However, it was still pretty decent. The outside was nice because we went on a humid summer night actually. None of the three restaurants got great reviews on Yelp but it was too late. We were seated and hungry. The food wasn't actually bad but the service was subpar. They took forever to take out order and then bring it out. It would have been fine but we went on a Sunday night and they were empty. Empty! It was okay though because my friends and I had a good time catching up and we did go there for the ambiance and not the food. 

Half way through our stay they shut off the lights in the patio which weirded us out. then they turned on club lights, which make things even weirder. After a few minutes, they brought out a cake and san happy birthday to one of the tables. It took us by surprise for use, but the oddness of the whole thing was pretty damn funny. I've uploaded a video of it below. You can hear our confusion about what's happening too.

Would I go there again? Sure, to entertain an out of town friend :)


Royal Bangladesh · 93 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003


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