10 mobile apps I'm using to help me travel

10 mobile apps I'm using to help me travel

There are so many apps out there that help you with traveling. I’ve gathered my list of those too. All of them are extremely beautiful and most of them don’t appear on the usual list. I think you will find them helpful in a different way. They are all free too except just one app.




I’ve been using days to do countdown to my major destination. I have a lot of my traveled figured out from the day I leave my house in October till mid-December. I keep a countdown for the day I leave for Nice, my first stop, for the day I leave for Rome, my second stop and so forth. It’s a beautiful app too. I am in love design of the app as well. It’s just so pretty! Although this app is not themes practical one it’s nice for those of you who like being organized or reminded of how soon your next major events are happening. (Yes, I know that photo is of Pisa.)



This app can be a life saver if you need a last minute hotel reservations. They don’t cater to every sixty but most American and European cities are covered. They have amazing last minute deals. By last minute, I mean you can only book it the night of. I’ve got a great discount for two nights at Caesar’s Palace when I was in Vegas years ago. I highly recommend this is app if your plans fall through or you didn’t make a reservation ahead of time for some reason.

If you use the promo code "PABOROWSKA" we both get $25 off our next bookings 😊



Alright, now I want to introduce you to my favorite app ever. Qapital lets you save for specific goals. I’m currently using it to save $450 for a fancy hotel I’ve been eye in Marrakesh as well as make a giant student loan prepayment. If you want to buy that one flight, or save up for a weekend get away, I highly recommend this app. The way you can save carries too - they give you more than five options ranging form routing up spare change from your spending to daily amount that increase over time. The app is very versatile that it even works with ITTT to save a little bit of cash each time it’s sunny for a “sunny vacation”. 



Digit is another savings app I’m using. In all honesty I might ditch it for Qapital. Digit takes out money from your account in smaller amounts so that you won’t really notice it from day to day. Eventually, the amounts accumulate. Although, I have kept on increasing the amount to save more, I was able to save over $300 in two months. 


Day One Diary (paid)

This diary app is fantastic because it can save a lot more than just the notes you’re taking. It san save the location you’re in. If you’re traveling it can sense if you’re in a car or on a train. It can even save the song you’re listening to. I have yet to come across a more fantastic travel journal yet because it takes note of things that seem silly or irrelevant till you are looking back and know you wrote the entry about Venice while on a train back to Milan while listening to Just a Fool by Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton.


Snapseed: Download iOS - Download Android

I’m trying to get better at photography. Most of my travels have been documented by my iPhone, even the post about Luxembourg. I use Snapseed to take my mobile photography to the next level. This app can do so much editing for you, it’s insane. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to try a new photo editing app. 



I speak Polish and English and I am in love with the Italian language. I love practicing it on the go to keep my mind fresh.  If you’re into languages it’s a fun and easy way to keep your skills sharp while on the go. It’s also a good idea to give the app a shot if you’re traveling to a new country to get the basics down. I used to to learn the basics of Spanish when I went to Bolivia last year.

App in the Air.png

App in the Air

This is a new app in my arsenal. I want to give this one a shot to see how accurate it’s going to be in the many flights I’ll be taking later in the year. Unfortunately, I’ve been running late for flights one too many times. I never missed a flight myself by being late but it’s really difficult navigating a flight when you’re in a hurry, or not. I hope this app lives up to its hope next time I have to figure out where I’m going. It's pretty similar from what I can tell thus far to TripIt soI'm curious if it's going to be useful in my travels at the end of the year.



Hitlist is a hidden gem. Overtime I share this with someone they fall in love with the app. Hitlist shows you cheap and inexpensive, last minute flights. Pick your destination and it will even give you alerts. I’m flexible about my travel date so the app works very well for me as it tell you that the cheapest roundtrip flight from NYC to Warsaw is on April 5th with return on April 15th. This app is a godsend! 


Lonely Planet Guides

Lonely Planet has a free mobile app that’s basically their website and I love it. Being a web designer, I’ve been a fan of their redesign from the start. But their mobile app takes the cake. Not only does it have great typography and well chosen color scheme it has amazing information about so many cities right at your fingertips. It allows you to browse a city or a location quickly. I don’t know how it compares to their book guides - I assume they are much more informative - but that’s okay if you’re just looking to learn about a location at a glance.

I am a freelance web designer who documents her travels with photos and words via Black Journal. Additionally, I work with small companies that want to re-brand their online businesses to create products that change lives of their customers all in the hopes of gaining more customers and retaining their current ones longer.